This product is a system which constantly monitors the tension of the yarn outputted from the device (known as the tensor) which applies tension to the creel portion in the warping process of fabric manufacturing.

    • Traceability of the curled beam is becoming necessary, as the variety of yarns diversifies and quality improvement is demanded. With this system we can manage the warping result for each one, and it is possible to judge stability of quality and pursuit of cause of failure.
    • By using our tensor (DST) in combination, highly accurate tension control and yarn breakage detection become possible.



    Pickup/Tension testing data



    • Refract the thread at three points, apply the deformation action of the central spring, measure the tension
    • Thread guide:
      3 places inside diameter φ 2 diamond abrasive use
    • Displacement measuring device:
    • Tension measurement method:
      Numerical programming with pseudo wait load
      Output: DC 0 to 5 V (MAX)
    • Tension measurement range:
      0 to 50 gf
    • Operating speed:
      Up to 200 m/min
    • In the monitor system, since the tension of all the spindles is constantly being upgraded, it can respond to abnormality immediately
    • The pickup is installed by removing the exit guide at the forefront of the existing creel and replacing it
    • The control box can be installed in the existing control panel.
    • Auto tension device (option)
  Monitor system display example  

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