sion device for creel (DST) for warping machine was developed mainly for glass yarns. This device is suitable for all types of yarns from ultra-fine, which is difficult to handle, to thick yarn.

    • Adopted the stable inertia hysteresis brake.
      Brake torque is generated from the non-contact structure that utilizes the hysteresis characteristic of a special magnetic material. No portions are worn, and stable long-term yarn tension can be obtained.
    • An effective magnetic circuit is used for the hysteresis brake.
    • Yarns move spirally on two rollers at a certain interval. They do not contact with each other, and no extra friction or vibration is applied to the yarns, resulting in smooth operation.
      (Small fluff and dripping of paste are reduced.)
    • Because it has a pulse generator to detect roller rotation, the pulse rate monitoring device that is externally attached detects yarn breakage.
    • If the warper stops, the brake works to prevent roller overrun.
      (The set value is within the rated tension.)
    • In the case of power failure, power is supplied from the backup battery to the hysteresis brake to prevent roller overrun and yarn looseness.
    • Through positive rotation of the washer, even tension can be obtained for yarns.
    • The body case has a die-cast (black) structure to check the yarns.
    • Yarn tension
      5 – 12gf
    • Operation speed
      0 – 200m/min
    • Pre-tensor
      1 pole-type weight washer tensor
      Washer motor positive drive method (5 rpm)
      The standard washer is the pearskin plating. (Changeable depending on the yarn type)
      With a weight holder feature
    • Main roller
      φ41.4 (made of aluminum). The surface plating (pearskin/standard) can be changed to mirror finish.
      Built-in hysteresis brake and pulse generator
    • Separator roller
      φ25 (made of aluminum). The surface is the pearskin plating (with a structure to adjust angle).
    • Electric rating
      Hysteresis brake/DC12V 1.2W
      Pulse generator/DC 12V 0.3W
      2 pulses/rotation, open collector output
    • Option
      Auto tension control (only with a monitoring system device)

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